Development of lead generation startup for legal services.





April 2021 - June 2021



  • Development of a website for lead generation
  • Integration of a personal dashboard for lead management
  • Ability to create personalized snippets with information about the provided services.

Project Overview

Leadpool is a lead generation platform for individuals and companies in the legal sphere. This legal affiliate program is a project created on the business-to-business (B2B) model to monetize legal websites to attract many potential clients. The platform provides the web admins with all the inventory they need: all sorts of flexibly customizable promotional materials for the platform.

Industry / Partnership Period

Legal Tech / April 2021 - June 2021

Business Context

Many individual lawyers or law firms have websites about their services to attract potential clients. Still, due to a lack of marketing and willingness to invest in it, websites do not bring in many leads.

Business Solution

To generate leads for lawyers without much investment in website promotion, Reviro and its partner decided to create a platform that would advertise legal services. Placing snippets with information about the legal services provided by the lawyers with contact information creates lead generation for lawyers and a free legal aid search directory for visitors.

The Reviro team's task was to develop a platform with extensive features and a convenient solution for monetizing legal sites. Provide users with a multifunctional personal dashboard that can be used both on PC and mobile devices.

  • Design development Create a complete website design from the logo to the platform interface.

  • Create a website Full-stack development of multi-page website, which is adaptive for mobile phones with registration and the ability to create a request form, working with ready-made materials in the designer and placing it on the site.

  • CRM system
    Possibility to track transactions, get the complete information about attracted leads and finances in the corresponding sections of the personal dashboard, form reports, and analytics.

Custom Offer

For a startup, generating revenue, especially in a saturated market, can sometimes be a challenge. However, our experience in creating lead generation platforms can help you succeed.

Technical Solution

Full development of the Leadpool platform took less than a month, including the website's design, frontend and backend development, and integration of the CRM system.

JavaScript was used for frontend development because it enables web developers to create dynamic and interactive web sites by using customized client-side scripts. For the backend part of the site Python was used, mainly in the integration and development of the CRM system for Leadpool.

Users must register to have access to a personal account and a manager who will assist them with any questions.

  • Registration is done in a few steps and does not take much time.

  • In the personal dashboard, the user can track transactions, get complete information about attracted leads and finances, and generate reports and analytics with graphs in the relevant sections of the personal dashboard.

Users must copy the affiliate's promotional materials and post them on their websites.

  • An important technical part of the platform is the constructors for creating forms that include links, banners, and direct numbers of a particular region. Here the users can assemble an application form, working with ready-made materials, fully customizing it, and placing it on their site.

Users should submit their requests, which will be vetted by Leadpool's professionals, who will prepare these applications for advertising.

  • Requests are processed quickly because Leadpool operators work around the clock, providing a quick start.

The advertiser receives the highest lead redemption rate, while the users receive an increased interest in the transaction.

The program offers high rates per lead, as well as interest-free withdrawals. With Leadpool, users get profitable monetization and uplift more than 95% of the time.

Before / After


  • Because of the significant number of lawyer websites scattered all over the internet, it's hard to find a lawyer just for your requirements.

  • For lawyers or law firms themselves, generating leads through their websites is difficult.


  • Leadpool offers a platform where anyone can easily find a professional lawyer who meets their needs.

  • Lawyers, in turn, get an excellent tool for marketing their services without investing a lot of resources but getting quality leads.

What we Delivered / Technology Stack

  • Design Creating whole website design

  • Full-stack website development Development of multi-page website for lead generation

  • CRM system Integration of CRM system as an admin panel for lead management

  • Python, JavaScript, Figma

######### Team Leadpool development team consisted of 4 members:

  • Project manager

  • Backend developer

  • Frontend developer

  • UI/UX designer


Reviro researched to understand the audience and the project's goals and got actively involved. One important feature was creating a custom banner with a snippet containing basic information about lawyers or their companies. It struck me that Reviro added a function to change the colors to look harmonious with their websites. They worked well with the in-house team and were a reliable and effective partner.

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