Dylan's Movers

A platform for managing moving companies' internal processes in the USA





January 2021 - present



  • Creating a platform for advertising moving services

  • Digitization of the moving service ordering

  • Optimization of the moving company's management system

Project Overview

Dylan's Movers is a moving startup offering homes and businesses comprehensive moving and packing services. Reviro has built a website for Dylan's Movers and integrated an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to optimize the company's operational processes. ERP system for Dylan's Movers helps effectively communicate with new customers and carefully plan the departure of the movers.

Industry / Partnership Period

Logistics / January 2021 - present

Business Context

Dylan's Movers started as a moving service where people came by word of mouth.

  • Significant operations were done manually, taking a lot of time and energy, which hindered the growth of the startup.

  • Because there was no form to leave a request, it was difficult for potential customers to order moving services, and for admins, it was difficult to track and process them at the time.

Business Solution

A solution to optimize the operational processes of the startup, the team of Reviro decided to create a convenient platform for interaction with customers.

  • Website development Build a multi-page business card website for Dylan's Movers with a list of services, testimonials, and a contact form so potential clients can quickly find all the information they need about the company.

  • Request form An essential element of the site should be a request form where customers can quickly and easily leave their preferences regarding moving services, starting from the date to the weight of the cargo and the destination address.

  • Admin panel The administrator should see and be able to manage all requests on the website and receive information about them.

Custom offer

Do you want to automate your logistics company operations? Use our expertise in web development and ERP system integration to create the optimal technical solution to achieve your business goals.

Technical Solution

In just a month and a half, a team of three people successfully created a quality product that helped optimize the work of a moving startup.

  • The development team used Django to build the backend of the website. Django is considered very user-friendly, secure, clean, and efficient. It is exactly what we needed for building a website with hundreds of move requests.

  • JavaScript is the programming language that the team used to build the frontend of the website. JavaScript provides dynamic behavior and special effects for different pages of the website. It also helped simplify complex actions, making it easier for users to interact with the site in the "Book a Move" section.

  • Nginx makes the site faster, helps convert dynamic content into static content, and handles thousands of simultaneous connections.

  • For deployment, we used Docker's container deployment method, allowing developers to build application environments quickly and scale.

  • CI/CD is a way to deliver applications to customers on a regular basis by automating the development phases. In the CI phase, each commit initiates automatic build and testing. Code changes are automatically tested and ready to be released into production during the CD period.

One of the site's most important features is the admin panel integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)-system. The ERP system integrated into the admin panel helps adequately manage move requests, which serve as the organization's accounting system.

  • Administrators can see all move requests in the admin panel and manage them for further action, such as calling for details and objections. Administrators receive notifications of moves to their email, so it's easier for them to manage all requests.

To this day, Reviro provides technical support for Dylan's Movers, monitoring server performance and security as users leave confidential information on the site.

The Reviro team has successfully digitized and optimized the moving startup, whose services are now used by more than 8,000 people.

Before / After

Before: The entire process of ordering the company's services was not digitized, which hindered the company's growth because interested people couldn’t simply leave their requests.

After: The company's processes are now fully automated. Booking any move takes less than 5 minutes through the "Book a Move" section of the website, which processes more than 500 orders per month across the United States.

What we Delivered / Technology Stack

  • Full-stack web development
    A website with an admin panel adaptive for mobile phones

  • Technical support
    Monitoring the performance of the website, its servers, and safety

  • Python/Django, JavaScript, nginx, Docker, CI/CD (pytest, automated testing)


Dylan’s Movers development team consisted of 3 members:

  • Project Manager
  • Backend developer
  • Frontend developer


It was a joy to collaborate with the Reviro team. Cooperation and communication worked well, making our first outsourcing experience very successful. Their work has made our operating systems much easier for ourselves and our potential customers, which has led to our business's growth. Now it takes less than 5 minutes to order our moving services, and the processing of request applications is also automated, thanks to the admin panel.

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