Delivery of the online assistant platform for financial services





March 2022 - present



  • Development of websites for FIN

  • Integration of CRM systems for admin panel, marketers, and call center

  • Optimization of processes occurring on the platform

Project Overview

FIN is a free online assistant in the world of finance, investments, and savings. FIN enables users to personally select financial products for clients and submit an online application via a website in 15-30 seconds, eliminating the need to visit a bank or other financial institutions offline. Personal selection and online registration of financial goods are elements of the FIN. FIN partnership with Reviro is to create a platform for lead generation in fintech for financial institutions such as banks, and microfinance firms.

Industry / Partnership period

Financial Services / Lead generation platform for financial services / Fintech / March 2022 - present

Business Context

The FIN has set itself a mission to create a platform that will be a guide in the complex world of finance. However, the website was not user-friendly and functional, which stopped the growth of the startup because all the processes went on the website, from searching queries on financial services to registering for partners. In addition, their platform was written in PHP programming language, stopping the work on upgrading the platform to extend its functionality.

Business Solution

The task for Reviro was to create a new website for FIN with an improved interface, user experience, and CRM systems to enhance customer interaction strategies.

A multi-page website adaptive for mobile phones

  • The website should have a feature for placing information on credit and current exchange rates, taking into account several banks.

  • Ability to place advertisements for partner banks in the form of banners.

  • A section for finding the most suitable banks for obtaining the necessary financial services.

CRM for admins

  • Possibility to create content and manage it about financial organizations and their products.

  • Monitoring and management of leads from the website for selected financial institutions.

  • Ability to invite employees of the financial organization for FIN.

CRM for marketers

  • Ability to edit the main page in the constructor.

  • The ability to view statistics on the leads.

CRM for call center

  • Ability to edit the statuses of leads, and leave comments and tags for them.

Custom Offer

The world of financial technology is developing at the speed of light. If your company wants to optimize your financial services, contact us, and we will find a unique key to your success.

Technical Solution

Reviro's goal was to improve the site's user experience and create three separate CRM systems for administrators, marketers, and the call center.

For this, we used different technologies to improve the website's efficiency.

TypeScript, React, and Next.js is the underlying programming languages and frameworks used for frontend development. Also, MantineUI, Formik/Yup, Redux-saga, and TailwindCSS libraries and frameworks simplify and improve some of the creating user interface processes.

  • TypeScript simplifies JavaScript code, making it easier to read and debug.

  • React is the best development interface optimization tool, backed by fast performance capabilities to achieve a seamless and fast development workflow.

  • Next.js is a framework that allows you to create web applications with improved performance using additional pre-rendering features.

The main task of backend development was to improve the website for FIN and create three different CRM systems.

Custom CRM software may be fully integrated into any corporate process, allowing for scaling, enlargement, or even alteration. CRM software organizes client data and enables support managers to access databases easily.

CRM system for admins

The CRM system allows admins to manage the entire platform, all the data, display the desired content on the website and see the statistics. CRM for admins works closely with the database.

To build the database backend team used PostgreSQL as a database management system. Python's SQLAlchemy framework was used to work with PostgreSQL.

Redis was also used for fast read and write operations due to its storage of data in primary memory. Using Redis as an interaction system, it can cache, store, track and scale hot data to be served by active users, while PostgreSQL maintains a true copy of all data, making it slower.

CRM system for marketers

CRM system for marketers is an automated marketing tool that improves client retention. It assists marketers in planning promotional campaigns, setting commercial targets, analyzing performance, and collaborating with other departments.

Management of marketing processes:

In CRM software, marketers can create, calculate, and execute marketing campaigns. The system enables businesses to quickly develop communication-related campaigns and construct a form for keeping different information.

Investigating various consumer categories:

Marketers create an audience segmentation method using CRM software where they can design marketing campaigns targeting them.

Analysis of business performance:

CRM software assists marketers in determining which clients were attracted to advertising and which accepted the advice.

CRM system for call center

A call center CRM system is software calls center agents use to improve customer service and efficiency. It tracks leads' information, such as account information and history. Agents use CRM data to tailor the leads' experience and understand the history of their relationship with the company.

FastAPI and Docker have also been leveraged in CRM development to make the entire development easier and run seamlessly.

FIN is successfully functioning now and plans to expand with new partners and into a new market.

Before / After


  • The website for FIN is slow, not optimized, not user-friendly, and challenging to update, thus attracting few leads.


  • The FIN website is now fast and user-friendly, designed in a flexible programming language that will make it easy to update for future versions.The website now has a convenient search field to find the most suitable bank for queries ranging from credit cards to mortgages.

What we Delivered / Technology Stack

  • Full-stack multi-page website development

  • CRM systems for admins, marketers, and call-center Development of admin panel

  • Technical Support Monitoring the performance of the website, its servers, and safety

  • Python, TypeScript, React, TailwindCSS, Next.js, Mantine UI, FastAPI, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, Redis, DigitalOcean Droplets, Docker, Github, pytest, Redux-saga, Formik/Yup


FIN’s development team consisted of 13 members:

  • 3 Project managers

  • 4 Backend developers

  • 4 Frontend developers

  • 2 QA engineers


We have a deep understanding of our industry and users. Still, we lacked the technical skills needed to implement this revolutionary platform, so we wanted to find a partner who could get as excited about our idea.
Our experience has been and continues to be highly positive, and we are delighted with the work that has been done to date. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Reviro.

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