Development of a loan history database with a reliability scoring system





May 2021 - present



  • Creating a database with the history of purchases and payments made by the buyer.

  • CRM system integration for database management.

  • Development of a Telegram bot connected to the database.

Project Overview is a startup with a database and scoring system for banks, financial institutions, and entrepreneurs. This platform allows obtaining information about the TIN of a buyer-borrower, and product payment host history. Telegram bot @okaykg_bot will enable users to quickly find information and check the reliability of a possible borrower.
The Reviro team for the platform developed a website with an administrator panel, and a telegram bot for inquiries.

Industry / Partnership Period

Database of financial history / Fintech / May 2021 - present

Business Context

Small businesses sell their products in installments at their own risk since they often encounter situations where the borrower, having taken out an installment, does not pay the entire cost of the goods.
The problem is that no unified platform would help determine the solvency and reliability of the borrower by transparently showing the history of loans and payments.

Business Solution

To speed up the installment decision process and create a scoring procedure between the parties, the Reviro team decided to develop and implement several tools. This way, the borrower's purchase data, and payment history will be displayed transparently in the system, making the entire installment loan process more reliable.

  • Informational landing page Create a one-page website with information about, its mission, and how it works.

  • Section for leaving an application for partnership The website should have a form for requesting a partnership with

  • Admin panel for database The most important part of the platform should be the admin panel, which contains the entire database, and is manageable by the administrator.

  • Telegram bot The primary tool for accessing TINs and IMEIs of products and their payment history for the users should be through the Telegram bot.

Custom Offer

Do you want your startup in fintech to succeed?
Contact us, and we will provide you with strong technical support in the form of a unique platform with advanced functionality and a user-friendly interface.

Technical Solution

In 1.5 months, the team of Reviro created a platform that serves people by providing information about the financial history of loans, utility bills, scoring mobile operators, and rental history, thereby alerting entrepreneurs, banks, or any other financial institutions from scammers.

The development process of’s platform consisted of two parts.

  • The first stage was creating a general design, logo, and landing page prototype. This stage was complicated because the UI/UX designer of Reviro had to start working without specific guidance and preferences about the design. Our designer successfully was able to find out what our clients wanted by actively showing them different models and making their eyes glow in the end.

At the same time, our development team started to work with clear goals and a development plan.

  • Django for a full-stack development Since Django is the most popular Python framework for web development, including all the necessary features by default rather than offering separate libraries, we chose it for full-stack website development for

  • Python Telegram Bot For’s primary searching tool, Telegram bot, the development team has used Python’s module. The Python Telegram Bot implements a clean Python interface to the Telegram Bot API. This library contains a variety of high-level classes that made bot building fast and uncomplicated.

  • PostgreSQL The trick of is its database, which provides reliable information for users and secure data storage for partners. For such purposes, PostgreSQL was the best decision. It is a powerful, open-source object-relational database management system easily integrated with Django’s web applications.

  • Docker The main use of Docker for database workloads is in development environments. Docker makes running new databases with different configurations easy, allowing for fast testing.

The platform for consists of 3 parts:

  • Landing page
    The landing page contains information about the company, its mission, and how to use the Telegram bot to get information about loans through the TIN.

  • Admin panel with database
    One of the most important features of is the admin panel. The admin panel uses a client-server model, where the client and server can be on different hosts in a network environment. PostgreSQL manages database files and accepts database connections from client applications. It can handle multiple simultaneous connections from clients. It performs client database queries and sends the results back to clients via a Telegram bot.

  • Telegram bot
    PostgreSQL database backend built on our bot allows the user to give information on the history of loans TIN of the borrower.

At the moment, Reviro is a partner with, technically supporting and improving the platform itself and databases.

Before / After


  • Installment sales and loans represent a significant risk for entrepreneurs and small banks because of the lack of transparency in the financial history of the borrower.


  • Now with anyone can reliably and transparently view the financial history of loans and installment payments displayed in the Telegram bot. Therefore, making installment decisions between borrowers and entrepreneurs becomes very easy and safe.

What we Delivered / Technology Stack

  • Full-stack web development Informational landing page about

  • Development of CRM system Admin panel for database management

  • Telegram bot development Telegram bot @okaykg_bot to getting information about a person's TIN or the product’s payment host history

  • Technical support Monitoring the performance of the website, and the safety of the databases

  • Python/Django, Python Telegram Bot, PostgreSQL, Docker, Figma

Team development team consisted of 4 members:

  • Project Manager

  • Backend developer

  • Frontend developer

  • UI/UX designer


Reviro supported us every day with its long-standing knowledge of the specifics of building startups with strong technical support. This partnership is the best we could have wished for a successful project.
Our primary focus was that Okay. kg's users must feel safe sharing their personal information for the database. Reviro succeeded in this task and continues supporting ensure that all data remains confidential.

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