Lead generation startup for legal firms





June 2020 - December 2021



  • Development of a website for legal services

  • Development of a call center platform for lead tracking

  • Integration with Google and Yandex Ads

Project Overview

Lawsales is a lead generation and CRM platform for lawyers. It provides a simple, easy-to-use interface that allows lawyers to quickly identify and connect with potential clients. Its mission is to help lawyers grow their business and make it easier for people to find legal representation. Lawsales is a team of marketing, IT, and legal professionals. Reviro, as part of this team, had to create a website to help law firms and individual lawyers find potential clients, where they can manage leads in a private dashboard and see analytics.

Industry / Partnership Period

Legal Tech / June 2020 - December 2021

Business Context

Despite the large number of law firms operating on a cost-per-lead (CPL) model, there is still a growing demand from lawyers to obtain additional sources of client engagement. However, no one is willing to invest in marketing.

Business Solution

It was decided to create a marketing and lead generation platform for legal services because it was easier for lawyers to pay for separate leads and integrate their services into an independent marketing platform.
Reviro's mission was to develop the platform to streamline legal matters, such as attorney-client prospecting and consulting contracts through which to leave a request for legal assistance. Incoming requests should be processed by the call center and forwarded to the lawyer for further action.

  • Development of website Develop a multi-site adaptive for mobile versions with subject pages about the legal services Lawsales provides. It should be easy for potential clients to leave an application and find a specialist to meet their needs on the website.

  • Development CRM systems Building a customized CRM system for call centers, marketers, admins, and clients with the ability to manage leads in a private dashboard and see the analytics.

  • Integrations with various platforms Integration with call and SMS tracking platforms for call center operators, email and calendar, search engines and their ad services, and online payment platforms.

Custom Offer

Laws can be complicated and tedious, but that doesn't mean your law firm's website has to be the same.
Contact us to find out how Reviro can help you improve your website and the quality of the traffic.

Technical Solution

Full development of the Lawsales platform took about half a year, including website design, full-stack development, integrations with CRM systems we built and ready lead generation platforms, and integrations with email and ads services.

The first stage of development was to create a complete platform design with a user-friendly interface and user experience.

After that, our developers began developing the website itself and integrating the CRM system, which we also built by ourselves.

  • For frontend development, our developers worked in PHP. As a server-side scripting language known for its simplicity, speed, and flexibility, it allows developers to create dynamic content and interact with databases, which was a vital part of the platform.

  • NGINX was used as a reverse proxy and load balancer to manage incoming traffic because it can handle a large number of connections. It uses less memory and resources, making the site faster.

  • The backend part of the project holds on to Django, allowing a user-friendly CRM system to be created. Django help to develop a historical overview and analysis of all leads in the dashboard of the CRM system in the form of an infographic helping in effective lead management.

  • Docker was used for the deployment because it allowed the easy and fast deployment of Lawsales versions, and there was no need to distribute containers across several interconnected machines thanks to Docker-compose.

The most important features of CRM systems for call centers, marketers, admins, and customers were the integrations that make Lawsales' dashboard multifunctional.

High-tech call-center

Integration with Skorozvon, Beeline, and Zadarma VoIP platform for tracking calls and SMS services, as well as the integration of emails available in the private dashboard. This feature is handy for call-center workers to track leads and contact them without problems.


For tracking tasks, there is an integration with the calendar where users can see and schedule a consultation in the system. In addition, you can see the history of actions by date, which makes the statistics much more accurate.

End-to-end analytics

For all CRM systems, the analytics view is integrated with Elasticsearch. It shows accurate statistics and enables to see various infographics, which help users track progress and productivity.

Integration with search engines

Integration with Google and Yandex Ads to attract as many leads as possible. Lawsales ads offering its services will be visible on all relevant sites, thus attracting people who already need some legal representation.

Online payments

Buying leads is also done in your account with integrated online payments. This makes the whole process much more accessible, and users can track the balance account and see the purchase history.

We created and developed the Lawsales product for the lead generation market for lawyers from scratch, which later won Reviro a grant from a Kyrgyz patent, and then got acceleration and grew into an even bigger project Urnavigator.

Before / After


  • Good lawyers sit idle, doing nothing but looking for potential clients instead of helping them solve their problems.

  • People who need legal representation can't just find the right professional because there's no unified search platform.


  • Lawsales offers lawyers quality leads. Now there's no need to search for leads because leads will come to you independently. On your dashboard, you can manage incoming leads and track statistics.

  • People with legal questions or problems can easily select the right specialist from the directory on the Lawsales’ website and sign up for their first consultation.

What we Delivered / Technology Stack


Creating the logo and interface of the website.

Full-stack multi-page website development

Developing of more than 30 thematic pages about Lawsales’ services

CRM system for call center

Developing and integration of CRM system for personal account management

Python, Django, PHP, nginx, Docker, Docker-compose, Figma


Lawsales development team consisted of 8 members:

  • Project manager
  • UI/UX designer
  • 2 backend developers
  • 3 frontend developers
  • QA engineer


Lawsales is the first project we did with Reviro, which started the history of our partnership. As a platform that attracts quality leads for lawyers, the main task was that users could easily submit applications on various issues. Reviro's team coped with this task perfectly, having created more than 30 landing pages on various legal matters, where users can leave an application in a few clicks.

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