Social startup development on digitalization of cultural heritage





February 2021 - January 2022



  • Digitalization of a social project

  • Creation of a platform for posting articles about culturally significant objects

  • Integration of QR-code in the admin panel

Project Overview

ESTE is a social startup that uses QR codes to link to the main website. Users can get comprehensive information about the monuments, memorials, sculptures, and historically and culturally significant structures.
This project aims to use new technology to digitize Kyrgyz cultural heritage. The Reviro team built an entirely new website for ESTE that integrates QR codes and has an admin panel.

Industry / Partnership Period

Tourism / February 2021 - January 2022

Business Context

Many countries worldwide have built monuments and other significant cultural and historical artifacts. Monuments, however, have titles; don't say anything.
ESTE's goal is to provide people the chance to learn more about cultural heritage via cutting-edge technology; thus, the team had an idea and required a collaborator to make it work.

Business Solution

Reviro's target was to produce a first-class product with all sophisticated features in the shortest amount of time to assist the startup succeed and fulfilling its mission.

  • Building a multi-page website ESTE's website must be available in three languages, with the ability to manage material through an admin panel and be fully mobile-friendly.

  • QR code reading and creation The user must be directed to the correct homepage with complete information after scanning the QR codes of the monuments. The website must produce a QR code for each article created from the admin panel.

  • Media files are supported The user must be allowed to upload photographs, audio, and video materials with links while publishing an article from the admin panel.

  • Statistic availability Visits to monument QR codes and data on their sites on ESTE's website should be tracked. This website should provide the top ten most visited sites with a review score.

Custom Offer

The secret to success in the era of technology is to continually keep up to date. Reviro is a specialist in creating websites for any ideas, startups, or enterprises.
Contact us, and we will turn your vision into a reality!

Technical Solution

The Reviro team took a proactive approach to this task, not just executing what the customer said but also sharing their perspective.
We were truly interested in the success of the ESTE venture.

The Reviro development team worked on creating a mobile-friendly multi-page website in three languages. The entire full-stack development process took 1.5 months.

  • Docker has simplified the development lifecycle by enabling developers to operate in standardized settings using local containers.

  • Django has a dynamic context translation solution to help developers create multilingual websites.

  • Django's QR code generator is incorporated to produce QR codes for posting articles.

  • Pytest and automated testing were utilized in continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD).

Creating an environment for administrators to generate, manage, and publish material in three languages was critical to the website's development.

  • One of the primary features of the admin interface is the ability to create QR codes when uploading articles, as well as examine those QR codes before publishing and downloading them as photos.

  • Another critical element is the ability to link to media items such as photos, music, and video files.

  • Our developers have also incorporated a forum for visitors to share their reviews and opinions. These reviews impact the rating of the most popular venues in the "Top 10" area.

Before / After


  • Monuments in Kyrgyzstan have just stood there, preserving a rich history, but no one could easily access them since no platform could deliver that knowledge.


  • ESTE has brought the monuments to life. Anyone may learn about the history of monuments with a single click by scanning QR codes, which will bring up an article about the memorial. The admin interface handles media files and automatically generates QR codes for texts.

What we Delivered / Technology Stack

  • Full-stack web development Building a website with an admin panel adaptive for mobile phones.

  • Python/Django, Django QR Code, nginx, Dynamic context translation application, Docker, CI/CD (pytest, automated testing)


ESTE development team consisted of 4 members:

  • Project Manager

  • 2 backend developers

  • Frontend developer


Reviro is entirely focused on the product and its success. It helped me to feel like a true collaborator rather than just client in an outsourced firm.
The admin interface had no restrictions on generating words on Kyrgyzstan's distinctive monuments. Therefore, admins could enter images, films, and other media assets. Reviro did an excellent job on it, and the admin panel works effectively in both online and mobile versions.

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