Development of a platform for finding legal representation.








  • Creating a lead generation platform for lawyers and law firms

  • Optimization of lawyer search through the Urnavigator

  • Development of the Telegram bot

Project Overview

Urnavigator is an advanced project derived from Lawsales, providing a lead generation platform for lawyers with a CRM system to automate legal processes, from finding clients to scheduling consultations. Requests from the website and ads go into the CRM system through requests, which call center operators further process. If users come in for legal matters and nothing else, they are recorded through the CRM for consultation, following the schedule and the problem to the right lawyer. Lawyers are notified via Telegram bot that an appointment is duplicated in their calendars.
Reviro's team created a website, CRM panels for call centers, admins, and a Telegram bot to receive notifications within the Urnavigator's development.

Industry / Partnership Period

Legal Tech / May 2021 - January 2022

Business Context

In the highly competitive world of law, individual lawyers and law firms depend on attracting leads and turning them into trusted clients. After all, no clients, no work. They must establish robust lead generation processes through quality marketing to attract new clients. However, these are not solutions for everyone, and not all lawyers are willing to invest in marketing.

Business Solution

The main idea of Reviro before building the Urnavigator was to create a product that would combine a platform for lead generation for lawyers and a full-fledged platform for potential clients where they can take an initial consultation before contacting a lawyer. The Urnavigator should allow users to use an environment with advanced functionality, such as a personal dashboard and a Telegram bot, to receive notifications.

  • Website development
    Develop a full-stack multi-page adaptive for mobile versions website with thematic pages about the legal services provided by Urnavigator. The platform should be user-friendly so that users can quickly fill out the form about their issue and have an initial consultation with the operator. Then if they still need legal representation, they could quickly sign up for a meeting with the lawyer. In addition, lawyers need to keep track of all incoming leads through a personal dashboard and various integrated systems.

  • CRM systems development
    Develop a custom CRM system for call-center operators and lawyers with the possibility of managing leads in a personal dashboard, getting complete information about attracted leads from analytics, and generating financial reports.

  • Integrations with various platforms
    Urnavigator should integrate various call and SMS tracking systems for call center operators. For both lawyers and operators, email and calendar to schedule appointments and online payment platforms to make paying for leads in one click. There should be integration with search engines and their advertising platforms to attract leads.

Custom Offer

A CRM system increases the number of incoming leads, helping your company find new customers faster by storing and managing customer information intelligently. Contact us, and we will build a customized CRM system to upgrade your operations. Technical Solutions

Before / After


  • Lawyers spend most of their money and energy on client search, marketing, and call centers, separating themselves from their legal work.


  • With Urnavigator no longer need to spend a lot of money and time to attract potential clients, consulting by phone, and wasting money. Urnavigator takes care of all the operational processes, and now lawyers only have to deal with repressing clients on their legal issues.

What we Delivered / Technology Stack

  • Design
    Creating complete interface design of the website and CRM systems.

  • Full-stack website development
    Developing multi-page website adoptive for mobile versions

  • CRM systems
    Developing and integrating CRM systems for personal account management for admins, operators, lawyers

  • Telegram bot
    Developing Telegram bot to get notifications for lawyers and clients

  • Python, Django, nginx, Docker, JavaScript, Axios, date-fns, Figma


Urnavigator development team consisted of 7 members:

  • Project manager

  • UI/UX designer

  • 2 backend developers

  • 2 frontend developers

  • QA engineer


Our partnership with Reviro began with Lawsales and gradually evolved into Urnavigator. I appreciate that over the years, we have grown together and continued to improve the platform for generating leads for lawyers. Thanks to the Reviro developers' great work, the personal account for lawyers is so user-friendly and integrated with the calendar, making the users jobs of our platform much more manageable. We look forward to more successful projects improving people's lives.

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